Uppsala Masters is a gliding competition in two classes with coefficients. The rules and coefficients referred to below have been set by the national competition comittee. The event is sanctioned by the FAI and competition results will contribute to the pilot IGC ranking.

Racing class 109-115
Open class 116-

Of course gliders with a lower coefficient than 109 may take part but they will be penalized by only being counted with the class minimum coef. Similarly gliders in the Racing class may enter into the Open Racing class but will receive the class minimum of 116 in coef.

The documents

Competition area chart: Download

Classes/coefficients: Download (SHB 712)

Price list: Download

Rules for racing class: Download (SHB 732)

Rules for open class: Download (SHB 737)

Airspace and waypoint file: Download

Local procedures: Download

Self briefing: Download